"It's been a wonderful experience that provides a method of the madness of telling a good story in  the best way.

---  Cadet Fowler

"It's a class that takes ambitions seriously.  It provides years of experience in a span of four days with insightful answers on where filmmakers can start."

--- Cadet Fowler, Omaha.

"The information received, enlightened my horizon on Hollywood. I left every class with excitement and knowledge to go shoot a scene."

--- Robert Gould Jr., Omaha.

"The content and resources were excellent. We received hands-on experience  from someone who has done all of this, made movies, and passes on the critical do's and don'ts in Indie filmmaking. Jack is generous with his knowledge and experience.

--- Deb Walters, Omaha.

"This was the best thing I could have had to help me in my filmmaking.  It gave me more of a vision and hope and I realized all of my mistakes in the journey are very viable  and not a waste. Thank you!

--- Beth Matsen., Omaha.

"This is the greatest film school ever!! I enjoyed every minute of my... first class there!!! As for my instructor (Mr. Jack young) he was awesome if anyone is out there in Omaha, please take this school it's AWESOME!!!!!!

--- Ethan  Nitz , Omaha.

" Jack shares his 20 years of real-world experience. He includes an example and frequently, a story, with each concept. You get hands-on training. If you're new to film production, or even if you're a veteran filmmaker, you will learn an incredible amount in the four Saturdays. Even if you're a screenwriter, you will learn essential knowledge that will change the way you think about your screenplay, how to write it, and how to think about the ways it will translate (or won't translate) when it gets into Production.  I promise you, you will LOVE this training is exactly what I needed to take my filmmaking hobby to the next level! "

--- Doug Sasse, Omaha.

"Great instructor and trainer."

--- Robert Gould, Omaha.