Young Films and Publishing LLC is located in Omaha, Nebraska, established as an LLC in 2001 with the production of it's first feature film (Love Wine).  Young Films LLC is managed by Jack Young, a screenwriter, producer, director, and editor.   Jack acted as screenwriter, executive producer, producer, and director on "The Darkening" (2013 Limited theatrical release and now available on Amazon.com).   Young Films LLC  is a family run operation that has involved family members as part of its operations since conception and filming of its first short film (Manimals) in 1997.   

 With 3 films to its credit, Young Films and Publishing LLC focus is still on film production and the creation of films for theatrical release, broadcast, and DVDs.

Our publishing of film-related books is conducted under Young Films and Publishing LLC and includes a variety of film-related books to include self help books on writing screenpplays and film production. We also publish fiction books based on screenplays under the "READ-A-MOVIE" banner.





Young Films LLC  is a feature film production company that also provides film production training via our Omaha Film School training facility located in Bellevue Nebraska.